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I worked on set with director Thomas Delzeit to capture audio for this ghost hunting spoof. This short film was shot in one long evening and submitted to multiple film festivals.

Audio captured with Zoom H4n Pro with boom mic.

A group of college students are confronted by government agents to answer the age-old question: "Is water wet?"

I worked under director Gavin Rupp as an Audio Engineer to capture this short film which was shot in a day.

Audio captured with Zoom H4n Pro with boom mic.

As our year came to an end for my high school broadcasting station, we were able to record a senior episode that gave us full freedom. I and one other student decided to co-write our script for this senior episode and include multiple tributes to different famous TV shows. 

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

For the University of Central Missouri's own film group, Media Creators Association, we had a three week long film festival where we were given one hour a week to write, shoot and edit a short film to enter into the contest.  I produced "The Night Skipper" which took home three separate, smaller awards as well as the best overall short film award!

I interned under local Kansas City filmmaker, Josh Hawley, on numerous occasions. My first time was on a project for the Kansas City Parks & Recreation Department to make a video for Park & Recreation month, specifically on commemorating Northland's Penguin Park. I assisted in interviewing locals in the area, getting permissions to film, and operating the camera.

I worked with director and YouTuber Alysha Burney through pre-production and on set to create her first short film "Shiesty" as well as "Shiesty 2" which got over a collective 400k views. I jumped from producer, to camera operator, to audio producer, and much more through out filming. I was also the primary editor for her second short film.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Footage captured by Isabella Robinson and Alysha Burney.

For our Halloween episode at WCTV, I wrote our script, directed over 20 students/talent, was on camera for multiple scenes, and edited it to get this episode out to our entire school district in less than a week.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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